Thursday, 6 September 2012

Annual Increase of Chinese Defense Patents Reaches 34.9 Percent

National-defense intellectual property rights are strategic resources of national defense and military development, and the important supporting force for the innovation and development in national-defense science and technology as well as weapons and equipment. China’s national-defense intellectual property right work has entered a “fast track” in recent 10 years with annual patent application quantities increased by 34.9 percent on average. Moreover, the patent application quantity in 2011 exceeds the 20-year sum before 2005.

The ratio of national-defense patents featuring information technology in high-tech fields has increased from 38% in 2002 to 55% in 2011. Among them, fundamental and cutting-edge technologies become the mainstay of the increase.

The quantity and quality of national-defense patents realize simultaneous and dramatic increase, marking the independent-innovation capability of China’s national-defense science and technology as well as weapons and equipment is constantly strengthening, promoting the forward-leaping development of national-defense and military construction. (

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