Thursday, 13 September 2012

Afghanistan: transfer of authority from the French camp on the basis of Kandahar Airfield

On 6 September 2012, responsibility for the Kandahar Airfield area occupied by the French detachment was sent to the Belgian detachment OGF 12-05 (Operation Guarding Falcon).

This transfer of authority ceremony was chaired by Lieutenant Colonel Stanghellini, commanding the detachment at Kandahar air, and Major Claisse, head of the Belgian detachment. During the ceremony, the French flag was lowered in order to make room for the Belgian flag. However, until the actual closing of the French air detachment in Kandahar, the two detachments - one French and one Belgian - will rub on the Kandahar base.

Implemented in southern Afghanistan in September 2007, the French air detachment in Kandahar mission was to secure the support of a detachment of fighters conducting joint patrols aerial presence, support, reconnaissance, surveillance and support troops on the ground in favor of the Force (ISAF International Security Assistant). The area of ​​the French air detachment was much envied for the quality of its infrastructure.
 As part of the divestment announced by the President of the Republic, the Mirage 2000 have left the territory of Afghanistan early July. Nearly fifty French military arm still based in Kandahar, where they finalize the logistics of detachment and disengagement organize the departure of French troops in the area.

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